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Weekly Radio Broadcast - November 1, 2009


  November 01, 2009  



In Howard's Garden

Killing termites with Soil Mender Diatomaceous Earth. Beneficial nematodes. Boric acid. Honey's benefits. Zinnia. Bio S.I. (Alphabiosystems.com). Garrett juice. Moving a red bud tree.
Using Bio S.I. on a rose bush. Sugar beets can survive a freeze.


Guest:  Randy Johnson of the Texas Discovery Gardens (Botanical Research Institute of Texas; BRIT.ORG). Gardening organically.  House plants.  Pear trees. Live oak tree has holes. Repotting ferns.
Organics In the News

Growing brussels sprouts. Treating for fleas and ticks. Raising worms. Pear trees. Bug book information. Olive trees. Armadillos. Composting attracting wildlife.


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