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Weekly Radio Broadcast September 28, 2008


 September 28, 2008  



In Howard’s Garden 
Best time to plant woody plants and perennials, Amanda Love, Vinegar, Events: State Fair of Texas - TOFGA, Texas Discovery Gardens: Butterfly House and Butterfly Gardens.  The Organic Program, Food Products, Strange Acorns, Lawn Fertilization, Products in
www.DirtDoctor.com Store: Discount for Ground Crew Members, Pecan Tree in Weatherford, www.HowardGarrett.com; Ponytail Plant, African Violets; Method to Repel Deer 


Perfect Garden Tool System, Scarecrow Sprinkler; Pomegranate Problems; Moles; Leaf Miners on Tomatoes; Scale on Cantaloupe, Bed-Prep for Next Season; Shredder, Chipper, Cactus, Compost; Nut Grass, Caliche; Lilac Not Growing, Mice; Hurricane Ike Flooded Lawn, Mining Insect in Citrus Leaves; Nut Grass Invasion, Heavy Molasses 


Organics in the News

Soil Mender Products, Turf Mate, D.E.; Treatment for Hurricane-Damaged Trees, Garlic; Armadillos; Soil Removed from Tree Flare, Girdling Roots; Roaches; Squirrels Eating Pecans; Timing for Application of Rye Grass Seed, Corn Gluten Meal and Molasses; Catching Grass Clippings, Composting Grass Burrs, Feed the Birds   


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