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Weekly Radio Show January 11, 2009


 January 11, 2009  



In Howard’s Garden 

Creature Feature, SPCA, Compost Tea, Largest Full Moon for the Year, Adding Plant Pictures, Building Raised Beds, Treated Wood; Making Orange Oil; Corn Gluten Meal; How Watering Before a Freeze Helps to Protect Plants; TOFGA Conference on Organic Production 6-8 February, Dog Scratching.

Railroad Ties for Raised Beds; Golden Algae; Planting Christmas Trees; Malabar Spinach, Adding Amendments to an Existing Raised Bed; Puppy Chewing Issue; Tilling Wood Chips into Sandy Loam; Growing Ginseng; Norit Activated Charcoal for Soil Detox: Call 800-641-9245; Zeolite; Bed Prep.                  

Organics in the News
“The Dog Whisperer, Rooftop Container Gardening; Book and Show by Victoria Stilwell: “It’s Me or the Dog, Helps with Previously Abused Dogs, Bad Behavior, Book by Barbara Woodhouse Deals with Misbehaving Dogs, Adding Topsoil to Compost, Bed Prep; Composting Dog Waste; DDT Dangers; Coffee Grounds; Corn Gluten Meal and Wildflower Production, Root Flare Testimonial; Planting Potatoes; Bluebonnet Tip; Crape Myrtle Removal; Adding Apple Cider Vinegar to Water Helped Dog Scratch Less; Composting Chicken and Cow Manure. 


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