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Weekly Radio Show March 08, 2009



  March 8, 2009  



In Howard’s Garden 

SPCA, Tropical John, Raw Milk, Raw Milk Cheese, Organic Community Gardens, Amanda Love’s Tea, Beneficial Nematodes, Roses, Thrips, Fertilizing; Daffodils; Hydroponics, Tea for Fertilizing; Harlequin Bugs, Aphids.


Shrubs for Deep Shade, Acuba, Turks Cap, Aralea, Holly Ferns; Christmas Tree Grower in PA; Azaleas, Organic Products; Germinating Seed in Coconut Coir, Seed Starting Mixes; Cat Droppings in Veggie Bed; Hydroponic Gardening; Cabbage Heads, Peach Problems; Cow Manure, DE; Passionflower; Seed Quality Garbanzo Beans.


Organics in the News

Soil Mender Products; Baker Creek Farm, www.Rareseed.com; Dry Molasses;  Growing Hops; Corn Gluten Meal; Pond Treatment; Cabbage; Ants in Pots, Molasses; Aquaponics; Lawn Care, Weeds; Chick Peas; Tomatoes: Superfantastic, Brandywine, Better Boys, White Currant, Wild Currant.


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