Bio Wash - 1st EnviroSafety, Inc.

Yes, 1st EnviroSafety solutions help prevent freeze damage. We have numerous

successful reports of (1) freeze prevention and (2) freeze damage recovery.


To help protect plants and flowers from freeze damage, drench well with

PurelyGreen25 or BioWash25 dilution of one (1) ounce per gallon of water.


This aids resistance down to 27F. by (1) penetrating the leaves with a solution

that does not freeze above 26F., and (2) increasing the sugar content of the plant which

decreases the temperature at which the plant suffers damage.


In the case of damage to untreated plants, drenching with the above dilutions within

36 hours, or before complete tissue death, has proven successful in reviving otherwise

killed plants. 


No guarantees can be offered, but fortunately, the solutions are so cheap, its worth trying.





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