Nothing evokes the feeling of the deep-south and New Orleans to me like the smell of Brugmansia on a warm fall night.  There is just something tropical and lush about a plant with flowers a foot long and 6-to8inches across. 

I first encoutered Brugmansia many years ago on a trip to New Orleans in October.  Walking by the enclosed courtyards of the French Quarter I smelled the most wonderful fragrance, and like any good plantsmen I went hunting for the source.  Entering a private garden uninvited I came face to ace with a 10ft. tall plant literally dripping with golden orange trumpets.  It was horticulture lust at first site.  I purchased my first plants via the internet before I even boarded a plane to come home to Texas.  Those first plants still adorn my yard to this day.

Brugmansia are the consummate plant for the "tropical look".  These South American natives always stop traffic at my home when they are in full bloom, and I am often asked the "are they real?" question.  Angel's Trumpet makes an exvellent container plant.  When the 50to-8-ft. tall plants are in full bloom, they are best enjoyed late in the evening while sitting on the porch.  Flowers open fully as evening approiached and as an added bonues, Hawk moths seem to come from miles around to buzz around

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