Chinese Jujube


Ziziphus spp.    (ziz-ah-FUSE)                                                               

Deciduous        Sun      Height 25 - 35 feet     Spread 15 - 30 feet      Spacing 20 - 30 feet


CULTURE:        Slow to moderate growth in almost any soil.

HABIT:            Clusters of small yellow flowers in early summer. Shiny, edible, date-like purple-brown fruit                        in fall. Branches and twigs are spiny, gnarled, zigzagged (hence the name).   Glossy            Glossy dark green leaves. 

USES:              Unique shade tree. Edible and medicinal fruit that tastes like dried apples.

PROBLEMS:     Can spread by root sprouts and seeds to become a rather annoying pest.

NOTES:            One of the easiest fruiy trees to grow.



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