Clover, White


Perennial – Sun to Heavy Shade

Trifolium repens    

Ht. 6”-8” Spread: 12”-15”

Spacing: 1 lb. Seed/1,000 sq. ft. or 30-40 lbs./acre                                 

HABIT:  Round flower heads consisting of 20-40 white to pinkish-white florets on long stems. Creeping stems up to 15’ long with dark green three-part leaves. Roots at the joints of the stems. Deeply rooted.

CULTURE: Likes cool weather and clay soils. Evergreen when irrigated in the summer. Plant in September or October for best results.

USES:  Ground cover, cover crop, turf plant. One of the nation’s most important pasture legumes. Great for soil-building because of its deep roots and nitrogen-fixing ability.

PROBLEMS:         Usually considered a weed, but it shouldn’t be. I encourage it on my lawn.




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