Conversions to Metric Measure

  Conversions to Metric Measures

Symbol WhenYou Know Multiply by To Find Symbol


in inches 2.5 centimeters cm
ft feet 30 centimeters cm
yd yards 0.9 meters m
mi miles 1.6 kilometers km


in² square inches 6.5 square centimeters cm²
ft² square feet 0.09 square meters m²
yd² square yards 0.8 square meters m²
mi² square miles 2.6 square kilometers km²
  acres 0.4 hectares ha

MASS (weight)

oz ounces 28 grams g
lb pounds 0.45 kilograms kg
  short tons 0.9 metric ton t
  (2000 lb)      


tsp teaspoons 5 milliliters mL
Tbsp tablespoons 15 milliliters mL
in³ cubic inches 16 milliliters mL
fl oz fluid ounces 30 milliliters mL
c cups 0.24 liters L
pt pints 0.47 liters L
qt quarts 0.95 liters L
gal gallons 3.8 liters L
ft³ cubic feet 0.03 cubic meters m³
yd³ cubic yards 0.76 cubic meters m³


°F degrees Fahrenheit subtract 32, multiply by 5/9 degrees Celsius °C

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