Cypress, Pond

CYPRESS, POND                                                                               Deciduous – Sun

Taxodium ascendens                                                                          Ht. 70’ Spread 30’

tax-O-dee-um uh-SEND-enz                                                             Spacing 20’-40’


HABIT:                 Rapid growth,  more narrow than regular bald cypress, green earlier in spring and longer into fall. Leaves spiral out from the stem and do not open. Long delicate filament-like leaves. Lovely, soft overall appearance. Rust fall color.

CULTURE:           Easy to grow in any soil. Normal water and nutrient requirements. Can tolerate wet soil. Doesn’t like white rock.

USES:                    Specimen, shade tree, mass planting, background tree.

PROBLEMS:        Availability.

NOTES:                 Is not becoming more available. Also called T. distichum ‘Nutans.’ Best place to see this tree is the grove in Dallas at Central Exp. And McCommas. Native to southeast USA to Alabama.


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