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Common Name: Dandelion

Botanical Name: Taraxacum officinale

Family: Compositae

Type and Use: Perennial with edible leaves, flowers, and roots

Location: Sun

Planting Dates: Year-round

Planting Method: Seed

Seed Emergence: 10-21 days. Mostly germinates in the cool weather of early fall
Harvest Time: Any time the feathery foliage is present. The seeds are harvested after they mature and turn brown.

Height: 6-12 inches

Spread: 6-8 inches

Final Spacing: 6-8 inches

Growth Habits: Rosette of foliage, yellow flowers followed by a puffball seedhead. Considered a weed and is wild-like in growth.

Culture: Very easy to grow and actually does better in infertile soil. Grows as a weed on most sunny sites.

Troubles & Solutions: Considered a weed. Seed heads grow quickly and can look unsightly in lawns and in planting beds.

Harvest Storage: Harvest the young leaves for use in salads. Cut the yellow flowers when in full bloom to use to make cookies and dandelion wine. Harvest the roots any time for use in cooking. Buds can be pickled or roasted as a coffee substitute.

Notes: Leaves are rich in vitamins A and C. For those wanting to control this plant, apply corn gluten meal September 15 - March 1 at 20 pounds per 1,000 square feet and/or spray with vinegar/citrus herbicides.

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