Juniperus virginiana       (joo-NIP-er-us ver-gin-ee-AN-ah)

Evergreen   Sun            Height 40 feet          Spread 20 feet                Spacing 20 - 30 feet


HABIT:  Single trunk, upright conical when young, spreading with age. Dark green juniper-like foliage, hard fragrant wood. Females have blue berries in fall and winter. Mountain cedar (Juniperus ashei) is similar but usually has multiple-stem trunk and does not suffer cedar apple rust fungus.

CULTURE:        Very easy to grow in any soil (even solid rock), drought tolerant.

USES:              Shade tree, screen bad views, evergreen backdrop.

PROBLEMS:     Bagworms, red spider mites.

NOTES:            Is becoming more available as a nursery-grown tree. Many are allergic to the pollen but it’s in the air already from the wild trees. Native to eastern USA and Texas.


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