Cornus florida                (KOR-nus FLOR-eh-duh)

Deciduous        Shade to part shade      Height  20 feet   Spread 20 feet  Spacing 15 - 20 feet


HABIT:  Graceful, layered structure. Pink or white flowers in spring. Red fall color.

CULTURE:        Needs loose, acid, well-drained soil. Needs plenty of moisture but drainage is a must. Will do best in beds with heavy percentage of organic material.

USES:              Ornamental tree, spring flowers, red fall color. Excellent choice for Houston gardeners.

PROBLEMS:     Cotton root rot, borers in unhealthy plants.  Will normally be chlorotic in high pH soils.

NOTES:            Would not be considered a low-maintenance plant. This tree is native to acid, sandy soils like those in East Texas. Many improved cultivars available.

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