Green Living Radio Broadcast - April 3, 2010

Green Living with Howard Garrett


 April 03, 2010  content_img.2334.img.gif


 1st Hour

Who is Howard Garrett; Green Living Show and websites; Going Green and finding Organics; Living Green with Herbs and Vegetables; Drinking Water Tips;  Health Products from your Kitchen;  Hot Spots on Dogs; Green Washing; TORC; Green Living Research; Where to find Green Living Products.

 2nd Hour

Green Cleaning Products; Travel on Website; Directions to the Website; Garrett Juice; Compost Tea; Insect Problems and Cures for Roaches and Ants;  Cleaning with Baking Soda, Bio Wash or Plant Wash; Orange Oil and Green Living; Visit Healthy Living pages on; Which Cookware to Use; Filtered Water; Use Salt; Howard’s Health Drink; Natural Organic Products – find them on

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