Green Living Radio Broadcast - April 9, 2011

Green Living with Howard Garrett


 April 09, 2011  content_img.2334.img.gif


 1st Hour

Green Living & Dirt Doctor shows are now on in Washington DC. Organic cleaning products. Big chemical companies. Garrett Juice. Organic specs. Herbicides are the hardest to get rid of. Getting households off toxic chemicals. Toe nail fungus. Baking soda. Raw honey for burns and general health.  Skin care. Howard's favorite authors. Amanda Love.   Arthritis. Stop eating plants of the nightshade variety. Gin soaked raisins. Bio-wash.

 2nd Hour

Where to find Almond Verbena.  How to make less bitter coffee and tea. Fire ant help. Mound drench. Eco smart weed killer.  Fatty acid weed killer. Liquid molasses to kill nut grass.  Dealing with Mourning Doves.  Diamond frost flower.

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