Monkey grass, Lilyturf

Liriope muscari  (li-RYE-oh-pee mus-KAH-ree)

Evergreen groundcover      Sun or shade           Height. 9-15 Feet   Spacing 12Feet


HABIT:  Grasslike clumps that spread by underground stems to form solid mass planting. Has primarily one flush of growth in the spring. Blue flowers on stalks in early summer.

CULTURE:        Easy to grow in well-prepared beds that drain well. Does best in shade or partial shade. Mow or clip down to 3¡å in late winter just before the new spring growth. Easy to divide and transplant anytime.

USES:              Low border or groundcover. Good for texture change.

PROBLEMS:     Snails and slugs sometimes. Usually not a big problem.

NOTES:            Variegated form exits called Silvery Sunproof.  My favorites are the green forms, Big Blue and Majestic.The giant form, L. gigantea, is also good. Native to China and Japan.


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