Mandevilla ¡Á ¡®Alice du Pont¡¯       (man-da-VEE-yah)        

Tropical          Sun                     Vine                                          Spacing 3-7 Feet


HABIT:  Fast-climbing vine with large oval leaves and pink trumpet like flowers that bloom from early summer till the first hard freeze. Needs wire or structure to get started. Also a lovely white-flowering variety.

CULTURE:        Treat this tropical vine as an annual¡ªwhen it freezes, throw away. Likes well-prepared soil, moisture, and regular fertilization.

USES:              Climbing vine for summer color. Good in pots set by post or arbor.

PROBLEMS:     Few if any. Red spider if in stress.

NOTES:            I highly recommend for tough and dramatic annual summer color. Native to Central and South America.



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