Taxodium mucronatum (tax
-O-dee-um  mew-crow-NA-tum)


Semi-evergreen          Sun          Height 80 feet          Spread 50 feet          Spacing 30-50 feet


HABIT: Large growing graceful tree that is similar to bald cypress but better in many ways. It is almost totally evergreen, grows much faster, doesn’t get brown in late winter and doesn’t have the knees from the root system.

CULTURE: Same requirements as bald cypress but is even easier to grow. Will grow in wet soils or in normally moist soils. As with all cypress trees, full sun is an absolute requirement. Responds to fertilizer but is not a heavy feeder.

USES: Shade or specimen tree.


NOTES: One of the very best trees that can be planted in the Gulf Coast. As a side note, it grows very well in most of the states. Freeze damage is not nearly the problem that has been reported.










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