Maple - Paperbark



Acer griseum

A-sir GRIS-ee-um

Deciduous – Sun
Ht.20’-30’ Spread 15’-20’
Spacing 20’-30’

HABIT: Distinctive small tree with beautiful foliage and bark. Leaves are opposite
and compound with three distinct coarse-edged leaflets that are dark green
above the pale greenish white beneath. Fall color is a nice-red-orange to red.
Petioles are hairy and the buds in the spring look like pussy willow. Bark is
cinnamon brown and exfoliating. Leaf emergence is usually late in the spring.

content_img.7222.img.jpg content_img.7223.img.jpg

CULTURE: Slow growing but easy to maintain. Likes moist but well-drained
soil. Is also fairly drought tolerant.

USES: Small to medium ornamental tree that makes a terrific specimen.
This excellent tree is perfect for a courtyard and other small areas.


: Foliage is beautiful spring through fall and the river birch-like bark
is an additional treat.

content_img.1246.img.jpg Fall Color

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