Mondo Grass

Ophiopogon japonicus (oh-fee-oh-POE-gon ja-PON-eh-cus )


Evergreen       Sun or shade        Height 8-10 Feet         Groundcover         Spacing: 9 Feet


HABIT:  Low-growing, grasslike groundcover. Grows in clumps but spreads by rhizomes to form solid mass.


CULTURE: Best in shade or partial shade but will grow in sun. Needs even moisture and regular fertilization. Mow down once a year in late winter just before the new growth breaks.


USES: Low groundcover for small to medium size areas.


PROBLEMS: Nematodes, rabbits.


NOTES: A dwarf form, O. japonicus Nana,is very compact, dark green, and slow-growing. It should be planted at least 6 inches on center. A black form exists that is expensive and extremely slow-growing. Native to Japan and Korea.













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