OAK, CHINKAPINChinquapin Oak       

Quercus muhlenbergii                 (KWER-kus mew-lin-BERG-ee-eye)

Deciduous        Sun                  Height. 80 feet      Spread 80 feet             Spacing 20 - 50 feet


HABIT:  Irregularly spreading, relatively fast growth, dark purple acorns, yellow-brown fall color.  Some selections have red fall color as shown here.

CULTURE:        Any soil, very sensitive to poor drainage, drought tolerant.

USES:              Shade tree.

PROBLEMS:     Wet feet and transplant difficulties.

NOTES:            Easily confused with chestnut oak, which will not grow here. Chestnut oak has rounded lobes contrasted to the chinkapin’s sharp-pointed edges. Native to Texas, Oklahoma, and eastern USA.


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