OAK, NUTTALL  Red Oak, Red River Oak, Pin Oak, Striped Oak

Quercus nuttallii  (KWER-kus  nu-TALL-ee-eye)

Deciduous        Sun      Height to 50 ft. Spread: 40ft                  Spacing: 30 – 40 ft

HABIT:  Medium to large tree, deciduous shad tree.  Fall color is not spectacular Small trees have a narrow pyramidal             crown which becomes broad, open and wide-spreading with age.  It is closely related to northern pin oak, Q. ellipsoidalis.  Its leaf resembles that of a Shumard red oak, Q. shumardii, but is more deeply lobed and the acorns are larger and have a deeper cup.

CULTURE:        Found in bottomlands, floodplains and drainage basins. Grows well with winter flooding on sites with year-round moisture and in areas that are waterlogged and oxygen-deficient. Will withstand a great variability in pH, but it cannot tolerate shade.

USES:              Shade tree, especially good for heavy moist soils.

PROBLEMS:     Not greatly drought tolerant.

NOTES:            Sometimes confused with pin oak.

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