OAK, WILLOW  Pin Oak, Swamp Willow Oak      


Quercus phellos (KWER-kus FELL-oss)                                      

Deciduous  Sun            Height 80 - 100 feet       Spread 40- 60 feet               Spacing 30- 50 feet


HABIT:              Grows in the deep, sandy, acid, moist soil of east Texas. Can grow in clays

or loams and is often seen along stream bottom and frequently flooded drainage ways. It will grow in deep clay soils but not above white limestone rock. Pyramidal when young but spreads with a rounded crown with age. Narrow, delicate leaves. Yellow fall color.


CULTURE:        Needs the moist, acid, sandy soils of East Texas and other parts of the state. Will not grow in the alkaline soils, especially where white limestone is present. Requires plenty of moisture but minimal fertilization.


USES:              Shade tree.


PROBLEMS:     Nutrient deficiency and chlorosis can result from its being planted in the improper soil.


NOTES:            Its acorns are a favorite of several forms of wildlife. Willow oak is easily confused with its close relatives, the laurel oak and water oak.


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