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by Howard Garrett 




Don't Forget To Feed The Hummingbirds

Time To Prepare Vegetable Beds

No Need To Replace Worn Out Soil

Edible Flowers & Landscaping

Easy Steps For Grass Removal

Colored Mulches Bad Idea

Rail Road Ties

Cussing In The Garden

Moquito Reminders

Recipe For Potting Soil

Synthetic Fertilizers Waste Money

Miracle Foliar Feeding That Is Not Blue

Natural Organic Fertilizers



Rose Hips: A Special Herb

Vinegar: The Rundown

Colored or Dyed Mulch

Dealing With Dallisgrass

Compost Pile Review

Drip Irrigation Facts

Mosquito Control

Re-sod Advice

Flush & Close Cuts Are Bad

Poison Ivy Itch & Rash

Above Ground Sprinklers

Almond Verbena

Soaker Hose Watering

Organic Way To Get Rid Of A Stump

Favorite Trees



Gardners Need Soil Probes

Rose Rosette: There Is A Cure

Mowing Reminders

Mound Drench Formula For Fire Ants

Alternatives To RoundUp

Fly Control With Water Bags

Epsom Salt Uses

Molasses Advice

Layered Gardening Advice

Rose Rosette: There Is A Cure

Ant Control From The Rains

Gardners Need Soil Probes

Pet Health

Worn Out Soil

Cornmeal For Health

Advocados For Health

Poison Ivy Rash


How To Prevent Weeds in New Garden

Vinegar: The Organic Herbicide

Organic Fertilizer

Land Planerian Danger In Garden

Baking Soda Other Uses

Basic Organic Program Maintenance 1

Keep Bermuda Grass In Its Place

Mound Drench Formula For Fire Ants

Trunk Flare Exposure

Haint Blue Paint For Repelling Bugs

Garrett Juice Recipe

No Rules For Rose Pruning Time

Using Epsom Salt

Snakes On Facebook

Herbicide Alternative

Organic Potting Soil Recipe

Root Barrier Advice

Scrape Grass, Don't Dig In Grass

Tree Trunk Goop

Mulching Update


Humus In The Soil

Biggest Pest Squirrels

Cuttings, As Opposed To Seeds

Herbs For Cooking And Health

Don't Be Tempted To Use Peat Moss

Haint Blue Paint For Repelling Bugs

Guidelines On Ant Control

Railroad Ties For Trains Not Garden

Mowing Tips

Healthy Eating Tips

Baking Soda Medicinal Uses

Don't Forget To Feed The Hummingbirds

Edible Flowers & Landscaping

Colored Mulches A Bad Idea

Epsom Salt Uses


Stop Using Peat Moss

Water Catching & Rain Barrels

Bed Preparation Don'ts & Do's

Mound Drench Formula For Fire Ants

Water Usage Cut In Half

First Step To Organics (Dry Molasses)

Re Sod Advice


Fix Compacted Soil

Baking Soda Other Uses

Keep Bermuda Grass in its Place

Mowing Reminders

Solutions Root Suckers


Compost Pile Review

Worn Out Soil Review


Cornmeal For Skin Problems

Potting Soil

Pruning Reminder (No Flush Cuts)

Beneficial Insects Update

Alternatives For Roundup

Cornmeal vs Corn Gluten Meal

Bed Preparation

Detox Program

Corn meal



What to do about Oak Wilt

My Tea This Morning

Winter Weather Still With Us

Thrips Can Be Stopped

Rid Trees of Mistletoe


Now is a Good Time to Remove Ivy

Best Time For Rose Pruning

Foliar Feeding

Orchid Growing Tips

Water Catching & Rain Barrels


Late Winter Rose Pruning Time

Cornmeal Juice Recipes

Get Ready - 1st Major Fertilization

Correction For Poorly Laid Sod

Compost Pile Review

Fluoride Dangers

Autism Research Sad Future

Stop Using Peat Moss

Organic Lifestyle Resolutions

Winter Watering Advice

Freezing Weather Protect Plants

Peat Moss: The Facts

Vinegar Use

Peat Moss Alternatives

Icy Roads & Walkways

Roots In Septic

Frost Protection For Plants

Organic Pet Care

Orchid Growing 



Getting Rid of Mistletoe


Using the Tree After Christmas

Fun Winter Project I

Fun Winter Project II

Christmas Tree Choices

Organic Holiday Gift Suggestion

Organic Leaf Management

Test Your Organic Knowledge

Is It Too Late For Cold Plant Protection

Herbs Grown Inside For Winter

Winter Weed Control

Frost Protection For Plants

Roots in Septic

Icy Roads & Walkways


Learn Proper Pruning

Rose Pruning

Real Wood Or Artificial Logs

Heartburn Tips

House Plants

Time To Remove Vines From Trees

My Tea This Morning

Shade Plants

Cornmeal For Skin Problems



Mud Daubers & Haint Blue Paint

Gingko Tree Information

Compost Pile Review

Worn Out Soil

Winter Gardening

Winter Gardening Fun Project

Floating Row Cover

Acorn Management

Avocados For Health


Organic Guides Garrett Juice

Organic Guides Pruning

Organic Guides Sick Tree Treatment

Organic Guides Potting Soil

Organic Guides Bed Preparation

Products For Results & Value

Tree Choices


Hydrogen Peroxide

Landscape Design

Miracle Foliar Feed That Is Not Blue

Flower Beds Around Trees

No Need To Replace Worn Out Soil

Clean Up Toxins With Detox Plan


Fertilization Time

Dry Molasses Explained

Time To Plant Garlic

Post Oaks Dying

Solution For Pests

Grass or Seed For Heavy Shade

Fall Color Change Explained

Colorful Plants For Fall Planting

Third Major Fertilization

Get Those Vines Off Trees


Chlorosis In Trees

Fall Planting Recommendations

Garlic Planting For Fall

Grass & Tree Info: Shady Areas

Fall Vegetable Gardening

Tree Injectors




Flea & Tick Control


Aeration Information

Download My App

Beast in the Garden

Help Prevent Tree Cavities

Natural Way Health Tips

Chinch Bug Season

Mosquito Control

Mulching Update

Water Schedule Critical

Care for Roses (Organic Way)

Sudden Tree Branch Mystery

Steps to Avoid When Planting a Tree

Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup

Reasons to Convert to Organics


Summer Plant Management

Fungal Disease in Vegetable Garden

Best Compost Recommendation

Trees Taking Over My Property

Growing Grass in the Shade

Water Bottles: Plastic or Glass

Home Testing for Contamination

Mowing the Lawn


Mychorrhizal Fungus


Trees with Herbal Properties

Herbs for All Purposes

Scalping, Don't Do it

Hardscaping Tips

Heavy Metals in Artificial Fertilizers

2nd Major Fertilization of Year

Chlorosis in Plants

Sapsucker Prevention

Almond Verbena

Easy Steps for Grass Removal

Best Plants for Your Money

Disease Treament for Summer Plants

Prune Roses Anytime

Cornmeal Skin Treatments

Bagworm Solutions

Flea and Tick Control

Compacted Soil

Vegetable Compost

Baking Soda



Pesticides and Diseases

Above Ground Sprinklers the Best Choice

Drip Irrigation the Wrong Choice

Misting System Solutions

Hydrogen Peroxide for Mustard Fungus

Hydrogen Peroxide Uses

Squirrel Advice

Increase Organic Matter

Be Informed For City Mosquito Spraying

Fire Ant Control in 3 Steps

Chinch Bug Season

Mosquito Control

Mulching Update

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