Redwood, Dawn

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Metasequoia glyptostroboides     (met-ah-see-QUOI-ah glip-toe-stro-BOY-dis) 


Deciduous        Sun      Height 80 feet     Spread 30 feet    Spacing 20 - 40 feet


HABIT:              Narrow and pyramidal, branches point up rather than perpendicular like bald cypress. 

                         Fine  lacy foliage, reddish-brown fall color.


CULTURE:         Likes deep, slightly acid soils best but adapts to our alkaline soils quite well. Several                           large  specimens are doing well in Dallas.


USES:               Specimen garden tree, backdrop.


PROBLEMS:     Chlorosis and foliage burn in shallow soils.

NOTES:            An ancient tree native to China and Japan. Distinctive, durable tree that definitely should                          be used more.


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