Thymus spp.     (TIME-us)         

Perennial         Sun                    Height 1-18 Feet  groundcover                    Spacing 6-12 Feet


HABIT:  Low-growing and spreading herb with flowers of white, pink, or lavender. Three groups: upright subshrubs 12-18 Feet, creeping herbs 3-6 feet and flat creepers 1-2 feet all. The larger plants are the culinary forms.

CULTURE:        Needs well-drained, well-prepared beds. Protection from the strong afternoon sun is ideal. Moderate fertilizer and water needs.

USES:              Groundcover, perennial gardens, containers and baskets, fragrance.

PROBLEMS:     Extreme weather fluctuations.

NOTES:            The creeping thymes cross-pollinate freely, causing a mix of flower color, but that is nice. Coconut, lemon, caraway, and mother of thyme are good choices.

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