FRINGE TREE  Chinese Fringe Tree     

Chionanthus virginicus               (chee-o-NAN-thus  vir-GIN-ah-cuss)        

Deciduous        Partial shade       Height . 15 - 30 feet   Spread 15 - 20 feet      Spacing: 10 - 25 feet


HABIT: Lacy, fragrant white flower clusters in spring just before foliage appears and immediately after the dogwoods bloom. Both male and female flowers are beautiful. Female plants have dark blue clusters of berries that ripen in late summer to fall. Gorgeous, slow growing, ornamental native tree.

CULTURE:        Does best in sandy, acid soils but will grow in soil with a neutral pH – in Houston, for example. Yellow fall color. Moderate water requirements. Can grow in wet soil.

USES:              Ornamental understory tree, spring color.

PROBLEMS:     Not adapted to alkaline soil.

NOTES:            Flowers form on year-old growth, so prune only after blooming.                                      American species does well on moist soils, Chinese species is better on dry soils and really a better choice for Houston.

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