Trumpet Vine

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            Pink Trumpet Vine

             Orange Trumpet Vine

                                             Deciduous vine for sun to part shade
Campsis radicans                   High Climbing
KAMP-sis RAD-ee-kans          Spacing 5’-8’

HABIT:   Large sprawling vine with showy orange and red trumpet like flowers that bloom all summer. Climbs by aerial roots. Bare in winter. Native to the easy coast, Florida and Texas. ‘Madame Galen’ introduced by French nurseries doesn’t spread as much as the native plant. C. radicans ‘Flava’ has pure yellow flowers. C. x ‘Crimson Trumpet’ is a pure red.

CULTURE:  Easy to grow in any soil, drought tolerant. Prune back to the main trunk after leaves fall in the spring. Does bes in full sun.

USES:   Climbing vine for fence, arbor, screens or poles. Summer flower color. The pink variety is not hardy and should be used as an annual.

PROBLEMS:   Native plant spreads badly to become a huge pest causing a severe maintenance problem.

This vine is horribly invasive and difficult to get rid of. The only solution short of a concrete wall in the ground is to remove the mother plant and spot spray the small shoots that return with the vinegar herbicides.

QUESTION: How can I remove the roots of a trumpet vine? It has taken over a lot of my garden, and I don’t know how to get it out without ruining other plants and shrubs. E.B., Dallas

ANSWER: There is only one solution: Dig it out. Neither organic sprays nor chemicals will kill the trumpet vine without hurting other plants.

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