Variegated Vinca major


BOTANICAL NAME:  Vinca major (minor)


TYPE:  Evergreen - Shade part shade - groundcover         

HEIGHT:  6-18 feet

SPACING:  12 feet

Vinca major sometimes looks pretty ratty in late summer. It does far better under an organic program.

HABIT:  Coarse groundcover for large areas in shade. Spreads quickly and has blue flowers in late spring.

CULTURE:  Plant in any soil in shade. Relatively drought tolerant once established.

USES:  Good plant for a naturally wooded area.

PROBLEMS:  Leaf rollers, cutworms.

NOTES:  Native to Europe and Asia. Not very good to use on residential property where closely inspected. V. major is the large-leafed, more commonly used variety. V. minor has smaller, shinier leaves, is more refined in appearance, and can tolerate more sun.

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