Wisteria, Chinese


Wisteria sinensis (wiss-TER-ee-ah sigh-NEN-sis)

Deciduous      Sun to part shade                  Vine Spacing 8 - 10"

HABIT: Fast-growing, twining vine that can grow to great heights. Purple spring flowers.  has white flowers. Japanese wisteria (W. floribunda) has longer flowers which don¡¯t open until the foliage is on the plant. Wisteria climbs clockwise.

CULTURE: Loose, well-drained highly organic soil. Moderate water and fertilizer. Easy to grow in any soil.

USES: Climbing evergreen vine for arbor, fence, or wall.  Spring flowers.
PROBLEMS: A few caterpillar attacks.Can take over if not pruned to keep in shape. Grasshoppers.

NOTES: Most wisteria are native to China. Many gardeners have difficulty getting wisteria to bloom.


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