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Do trees need water bags?
April 17, 2014

Question: Are those slow-release watering bags for newly planted trees good for the tree? 
C.M., Athens

Answer: I don't like them. They look bad for one thing and covering the base of the trunk and flare and keeping it wet is not good for the trees. When trees are planted correctly and watered in correctly, these kinds of devices are unnecessary. I don't like water rings either. Watering rings don't cover the flares and trunks but they do cause maintenance problems and waste money.

Question: Does NoLo Bait work on grasshoppers that are feeding on my potted plants? J.E. Dallas

Answer: NoLo Bait, which contains the protozoa Nosema locustae, is an effective biological pest-control product. It works best on grasshopper nymphs before they become voracious adults. The adults are best controlled with the kaolin clay product Surround WP or one of the essential-oil products.

Question: I have the luxury of starting from scratch with a new vegetable garden. The question is: Do I position it north to south or east to west? They will be contained raised beds. S.M., Cross Roads

Answer: A north-south position is probably ideal but isn't critical.

Question: My wife and I argue about whether to plant on top of rows or in the bottom of the furrows. Who is right?  J.R., Richardson

Answer: The tops of the rows are for plants. Wheels and footsteps go in the furrows.


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