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   Cornmeal, corn gluten meal have their place
   Crabgrass is fine in compost.
   Crape Myrtles, Sick Tree Treatment, Bermuda, Crawfish/Drainage Problems
   Create a barrier to give cats pause
   Cull gnats by reducing watering
   Culprit is pine shade, not pine needles
   Cure for Dinged-Up Lawn 9-22-06
   Cutting roots probably hurt your tree
   Cutting-edge cure for bamboo overgrowth
   Dallas soil a good home for dawn redwoods
   Dallas summer takes a toll on hydrangeas
   Damaged hibiscus may be salvageable
   Damaged tree can be nursed back to health
   Dandelions: If you canít beat íem, cook íem
   Dealing with fruit from female ginkgo trees.
   Detergent-filled water put an end to lawn grass
   Diatomaceous Earth OK for livestock
   Dig out poison ivy or get a goat
   Do trees need water bags?
   Don't assume the ants are villians. 7-27-06
   Don't fret over tree--but nurse it anyway
   Don't mess with the water in the tree
   Don't whack big pieces off the crape myrtles
   Donít build raised beds around trees
   Donít gallop into using manure as fertilizer
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Crazy Water
Spriggs Brothers

H A N N A H ' S    M A R K E T P L A C E

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