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The Organic Manual

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Natural Organic Gardening & Living for your Family, Plants & Pets

Around the world everyone is talking environmental issues and ‘going green’. Natural organic gardening and landscaping are important parts of this movement. Some organic proponents only say to stop using the chemicals. Howard Garrett explains in detail what to do instead.

His “what to do” is the organic method. He recommends stopping the use of toxic chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, but goes on, in great detail, about the practical alternatives. This is one of the few gardening books effective for use coast to coast and border to border. The organic method has no geographic boundaries.  

The best kept secret of all (uncovered in the Organic Manual) is that the organic program is better in every way. Whether it’s growing beautiful landscaping or delicious healthy food crops, the Organic Manual explains bed preparation, planting, pest control and compost making. It also covers pet management and natural living advice. 


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