Texas Trees is a book that has been in the works ever since I was climbing trees as a kid in Pittsburg,  Texas. Catalpa  was my favorite tree because the bark was so smooth. What I think about that tree and many other native and introduced trees are covered in detail in this book. Howard Garrett 
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Trees Commentary by Howard Garrett

Transplanting Trees

Trees - Best Choices 

Tree Care Professionals

Tree Care the Natural Way

Tree Cavities

Tree Fertilization

Tree Injections 

Tree Planting Detail

Tree Planting Detail Newsletter

Tree Planting Diagram

Tree Planting Improper

Tree Problems

Tree Pruning: Gutters & Lifters

Tree Sunburn

Tree Thinning

Tree Trunk Damage 

Tree Goop

Tree Wrap

Trees (Best for attracting Birds)

Trees Proper Root Flares 

Trees - Spring Blooming

Trees for Windy Sites

Trees Too Deep in the Ground

Trees with Unusual Trunks

Trees: Best Choices for Dallas/Fort Worth

Waco Bur Oak Flare Exposed

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