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      In Organic Lawn Care: Growing Grass the Natural Way, Howard takes you step-by-step through creating and maintaining turf organically. He begins with the soil, showing you how to establish a healthy habitat for grass. Then he discusses a variety of turfgrasses, including Bermudagrass, bluegrass, buffalograss, fescue, ryegrass, St. Augustine, and zoysia. Howard explains in detail how to establish and maintain a lawn, including planting, mowing, watering, fertilizing, composting, and managing weeds and pests. And he offers alternatives to lawn grasses and turf, describing the situations in which they might be your best choice. Follow the program in Organic Lawn Care, and don’t be surprised when your water bill drops dramatically and your lawn or golf course is the best-looking one around. 


Around the world, everyone is talking about environmental issues and the concept of “going green.” Natural organic gardening and landscaping are among the most important parts of that movement.  Some organic proponents only say to stop using the chemicals, recycle and save water. Well, how do you do that?
The Organic Manual: Natural Organic Gardening and Living for Your Family, Plants and Pets explains in detail what to do instead. My newly revised fourth edition starts with the advice of stopping the use of toxic chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, but goes on, in great detail, about the practical alternatives.

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