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In the past we have concentrated on the positive aspects of the natural organic program. Now it’s time to add to that message. We have become aware that many people don’t realize the danger of the toxic chemicals. This part of the blog will now highlight the bad stuff. Starting with malathion and 2,4-D, details will be given about these products (pesticides and fertilizers) and we encourage your comments and input.



A French farmer who can no longer perform his routine farming duties because of permanent pesticide injuries has had his day in court, literally, and the perpetrator of his injuries found guilty of chemical poisoning. The French court in Lyon ruled that Monsanto's Lasso weedkiller formula, which contains the active ingredient alachlor, caused Paul Francois to develop lifelong neurological damage that manifests as persistent memory loss, headaches, and stuttering during speech. ... r-ext.html ... achlor.cfm ... Id=PC35160

Vaccines and Autism

Vaccine bombshell: Baby monkeys given standard doses of popular vaccines develop autism symptoms
(NaturalNews) If vaccines play absolutely no role in the development of childhood autism, a claim made by many medical authorities today, then why are some of the most popular vaccines commonly administered to children demonstrably causing autism in animal primates? This is the question many people are now asking after a recent study conducted by scientists at the University of Pittsburgh (UP) in Pennsylvania revealed that many of the infant monkeys given standard doses of childhood vaccines as part of the new research developed autism symptoms.

Learn more: ... z2ARTtFiQL
Autism affects 500,000 to 1.5 million Americans and has grown at an annual rate of 10 to 17 percent since the late 1980s. California found a 273 percent increase in autism between 1987 and 1998. Maryland reported a 513 percent increase in autism between 1993 and 1998 and several dozen other states reported similar findings. Some scientists say the estimated number of cases of autism has increased 15-fold –1,500 percent – since 1991, when the number of childhood vaccinations doubled. Whereas one in every 2,500 children was diagnosed with autism before 1991, one in 166 children now have the disease.
Learn more: ... z2ARUsVvb7 ... ed-to-know ... utism.aspx ... d=12547823

Many people are either unaware, ignorant, or in denial about the severe health hazards involved with some types of indoor household molds. Molds come in thousands of different varieties, but a few who are some of the offenders that invade our homes. Alternaria and Cladosporium are the molds most commonly found both indoors and outdoors throughout the United States.

The most dangerous mold strains are: Chaetomium (pronounced Kay-toe-MEE-yum) and Stachybotrys chartarum (pronounced Stack-ee-BOT-ris Char-TAR-um) as they have been proven to produce demylenating mycotoxins among others, meaning they can lead to autoimmune disease. Under certain growth and environmental conditions, both of these fungi release toxic, microscopic spores and several types of mycotoxins that can cause the worst symptoms which are usually irreversible such as neurological and immunological damage. ... s-of-mold/ ... -mold.aspx ... dangerous/ ... &id=295403

Meningitis Tainted Steroid

Outbreaks in medical facilities are often caused by problems such as failure to follow infection control practices and contamination of medical devices or products.

Hundreds of people may be at risk from meningitis-tainted steroid injections. The company that supplied the steroid is what is known as a compounding pharmacy.

The recalled methylprednisolone acetate (PF) 80 mg/ml injection lots are

•#05212012@68, BUD 11/17/2012;
•#06292012@26, BUD 12/26/2012; and
•#08102012@51, BUD 2/6/2013.

The FDA and CDC are recommending that physicians contact patients who have had an injection using any of the three lots of the steroid. For patients who received epidural injection and have symptoms of meningitis or basilar stroke, a diagnostic lumbar puncture (LP) should be performed, if not contraindicated. Because presenting symptoms of some patients with meningitis have been mild and not classic for meningitis, physicians should have a low threshold for LP.

Physicians and patients are encouraged to report adverse events associated with the steroid to the FDA's MedWatch program.

CDC Multistate Meningitis Outbreak ... d/1615299/ ... index.html ... 7-dead.ece ... video.html

Warning signs:(Most can be easily confused with the flu)
High fever
Severe headache that isn’t easily confused with other types of headache
Stiff neck
Vomiting or nausea with headache
Confusion or difficulty concentrating — in the very young, this may appear as inability to maintain eye contact
Sleepiness or difficulty waking up
Sensitivity to light
Lack of interest in drinking and eating
Skin rash in some cases, such as in viral or meningococcal meningitis

Silent Poisoning - GMO

You’re being experimented on without your permission. Untested mutations in your kitchen... DNA-altered food in every box, bag and container at the store... hormone-filled meat and milk... so-called “organic” chicken... and no one has to tell you anything.

Giant agribusiness companies are slowly and quietly spreading their scientifically altered seeds to so many farms that nearly half of all foods on supermarket shelves now contain some ingredient that has had its DNA tampered with by science. ... poiso.html ... olicy.html ... -or-poison ... n/leo.html ... -no-to-gmo ... ing-poison

Pesticide-Induced Diseases: Learning/Developmental Disorders

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ● Autism ● Developmental Delays

Roughly one in six children in the U.S. has one or more developmental disabilities, ranging from a learning disability to a serious behavioral or emotional disorder. Scientists believe that the amount of toxic chemicals in the environment that cause developmental and neurological damage are contributing to the rise of physical and mental effects being found in children. Studies show children’s developing organs create “early windows of great vulnerability” during which exposure to pesticides can cause great damage. In the U.S., requirements for testing pesticides and other chemicals for potential developmental and learning disorders are minimal.

A developing brain is much more susceptible to the toxic effects of chemicals than an adult brain. During development, the brain undergoes a highly complex series of processes at different stages. Interference from toxic substances that disrupt these processes can have permanent consequences. That vulnerability extends from fetal development through infancy and childhood to adolescence. Research has shown that environmental toxicants, such as pesticides, at low levels of exposure can have subclinical effects—not clinically visible, but still important adverse effects, such as decreases in intelligence or changes in behavior. ... mental.php

Health effects factsheets and articles
•Pesticide-Induced Diseases Database
•Pesticides Trigger Parkinson's Disease
•Pesticides That Disrupt Endocrine System Still Unregulated By EPA
•Facing Scientific Realities, Debunking the "Dose Makes the Poison" Myth: Linking pesticide science and health effects
•Asthma, Children and Pesticides: What You Need to Know

Endocrine Disruptors

There is increasing evidence that some synthetic chemicals in our environment may interfere with our bodies' complex and carefully regulated hormonal messenger system. Chemicals can disrupt the endocrine system in several ways. They can mimic or block chemicals naturally found in the body, alter hormonal levels, and thus, affect functions that these hormones control. Less direct interferences involve alteration of the body's ability to produce hormones, interference with the ways hormones travel through the body, and changes in numbers of receptors. ... TAod0VkAjQ ... tgodnw4ANg ... tgodWxYANA ... 5527&l=dis

West Nile Virus Pesticides

Overkill: Why Pesticide Spraying for West Nile Virus May Cause More Harm Than Good
A Report by Toxics Action Center and Maine Environmental Policy Institute
Principal Authors William C. Sugg, III, Director, Maine Environmental Policy Institute
Matthew L. Wilson, Director, Toxics Action Center ... 66081.html ... tsheet.htm ... yState.htm

Eight Reasons Why Spraying Pesticides is Not the Solution to West Nile Virus
by Rebecca Watson UPdate Spring 2003

Stop Spraying for West Nile NOW!

Why Fort Worth has not sprayed for mosquitoes

West Nile Spraying
Opposition to spraying pesticides over populated areas to kill adult mosquitoes (adulticiding) rests on two very simple facts: 1) it does not work, and 2) it is dangerous to some people in the short term and adds to the overall pesticide load in the environment for the long term. The second point is moot given that adulticiding is ineffective, but it is important because spraying continues as West Nile virus recedes into a state known as chronic endemicity, one in which very few people are infected. ... x?id=99106
Fort Worth Does Not Spray for West Nile ... y2002.html

Click on this link to read the following articles:

Refuting the Myth – No Such Thing as a Safe Dose.
First, Do No Harm.
SYMVCD: Not to Worry – We Just Waste Taxpayer Money.
New Study: Sacramento Area Is Delta's Top Pesticide Source.
"Safe" Pesticides Now First in Poisonings.
Entomologist Calls ULV Spraying Ineffective and Risky.
CDFA Calls Off LBAM Spraying in Populated Areas.
SYMVCD Sprays in Spite of Zero Human Infections.
Inefficacy Halts Nashville Spray Program.
2005 Sacramento Spray Report Is Fatally Flawed.
Fort Worth Says "No" to Adulticiding.
Washington, D.C., Says "No" to Adulticiding.
SYMVCD Fails to Implement Safe and Effective Biological-Control Methods.

Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) Treated Wood

The concern over CCA in pressure-treated wood products actually began a few years ago, when researchers discovered that the ash from wood-fired incinerators contained high levels of arsenic and chromium, both of which are known toxins and carcinogens.

Further investigation revealed that CCA-treated wood scrap had been burned as fuel in these incinerators, leaving behind arsenic and chromium in the ash. The level of arsenic in CCA wood scrap is high enough that one tablespoon of arsenic-tainted CCA wood ash is considered lethal to humans. ... ts/cca.pdf ... d_wood.pdf

Insect Repellant - DEET

In our opinion, DEET should never be used. It is far too toxic, especially for children. As stated on the label, it is dangerous to spray directly on the skin of anyone. If it's research you want, read the links below and there is plenty on the web including this information. Every year, approximately one-third of Americans use insect repellents containing the insecticide DEET. Duke University Medical Center pharmacologist Mohamed Abou-Donia has spent 30 years researching the effects of pesticides. He has found that prolonged exposure to DEET can impair functioning in parts of the brain. ... on/id/552/ ... ch/id/127/ ... Id=PC33407 ... fects.html ... ent-460607 ... s/deet.pdf ... upply.html

Metaldehyde is toxic to all organisms that ingest it, either directly or as a result of secondary poisoning from consuming poisoned prey. Poisoning results in the depression or excitement of the central nervous system. Molluscs (slugs and snails) are poisoned either by absorption of poison through the skin or by ingestion. As a reaction to the poison molluscs overproduce mucous which causes dehydration and an inability to move, therefore remaining open to predation.

It is dangerous to game, wild birds and animals. Some products contain proprietary cat and dog deterrent in order to avoid poisoning of these domestic animals ... ehyde.html ... und-in.htm ... ng-in-cats ... page1.aspx

Sugar ... er;housing

How fructose builds belly fat
Dr. John McGahan of U.C. Davis explains his research, which shows that in overweight and obese people, consumption of 25% of their calories as fructose quickly leads to an increase in belly fat. ... er;housing ... ngers.aspx ... /sugar.htm

Toxic to all vertebrates - birds, lizards, frogs, toads, cats, dogs, you and me. Essential oil products are toxic only to invertebrates like insects and slugs, so of course that's what we recommend. Pyrethrum and the synthetic pyrethroids also are especially bad for people with allergies and can cause allergy problems including asthma for children and adults. Bottom line -there are no pyrethrum, pyrethrin or pyrethroid products that are acceptable in an organic program. ... n/id/2490/ ... thrins.htm ... thrins.htm

Suntan Lotion

[ ... otion.html
http://www.natural-health-information-c ... nzone.html ... ancer.html ... -dangerous

Fluoride ... _DNL_art_1 ... ndards.pdf ... n/id/3131/ ... n/id/1277/ ... n/id/1824/ ... n/id/3255/

Over 100 Links on this site.

Effects of Pesticides on Wildlife ... ldlife.pdf ... mpact.aspx ... ticid.html ... pesticides


Aldicarb is a carbamate insecticide which is the active substance in the pesticide Temik. It is effective against thrips, aphids, spider mites, lygus, fleahoppers, and leafminers, but is primarily used as a nematicide. Aldicarb is a cholinesterase inhibitor which prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine in the synapse. In case of severe poisoning, the victim dies of respiratory failure ... abamectin- ufencarb/aldicarb/aldicarb_cfs_0688.html ... d-to-temik ... mical-dies ... soning.htm ... -east-end/

Dryer Sheets

The scent is unmistakable. Anyone who's ever taken a stroll through their neighborhood has picked up the familiar scent of laundry products wafting from dryer exhaust vents everywhere.
But have you ever wondered what's in these common laundry products?

The familiar "clean" scent of fabric softeners actually comes from a deceptively toxic blend of chemicals that have escaped regulation and are silently contributing to a number of health problems for unsuspecting consumers.

But detergents and fabric softeners are commonplace as well, and as your clothing dries, these vapors are released into your house—and out into the neighborhood—in a chemical cloud ... -vent.aspx ... -904300329 ... html?cat=5 ... sheets.htm

Chlorpyrifos, an organophosphate insecticide, is still one of the most widely used farm chemicals in the U.S.

Where is it? Banned from residential uses, this pesticide is still legal in agriculture, and residues have turned up on apples, bell peppers, cranberries, kale, grapes, peaches, and dozens of other foods.

Avoid it! Eat organic as often as possible. Studies have proven that pesticide levels in the body plummet when consumers switch to an organic eating regimen.

Read More ... /signs.htm ... -poisoning,1607,7-15 ... --,00.html ... last=Singh


There is major concern that neonicotinic pesticides may play a role in recent pollinator declines. Neonicotinods can also be persistent in the environment, and when used as seed treatments, translocate to residues in pollen and nectar of treated plants. ... micals.htm ... -collapse/

Toxic Chemicals in Flea & Tick Collars

“Last summer, EPA quietly conducted a risk assessment of flea collars with propoxur and found that normal use of these collars on pets could pose significant health risks to children. Despite these findings, EPA has still not taken any action six months after their risk assessment, and we have since discovered that EPA’s assessment had major flaws that seriously underestimate the health risks from these products. In other words, these flea collars are even more dangerous than previously believed.”

Read more: ... z1qngwUme2 ... onpets.pdf ... ing_l.html ... s-47042304

Danger of Toxic Chemical in Cosmetics?
The next time you buy nail polish or antiperspirant, read the ingredients. Manufacturers are putting a toxic chemical that causes severe birth defects in animals in shampoos, conditioners, antiperspirants, cosmetics and especially nail polishes, according to a report released today by the Environmental Working Group. Alarmed by the discovery that dibutyl phthalate, or DBP, was present in every single person tested for the compound by the Centers for Disease Control this fall — with the highest levels found in reproductive-age women — the environmental group decided to study the compound’s prevalence in consumer products. ... etics.html ... metics.htm ... chemicals/
http://www.natural-skincare-authority.c ... icals.html

Pink Slime
Beef Products Inc. produces more than 7 million pounds of the mash weekly, making it the world's largest manufacturer of this frozen product. “BPI explains that its product is mixed into most of the ground beef sold in the United States at major fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, and school lunch programs." But that's not the entire problem, when you turn garbage bits of animal carcasses into "pink slime" to sell as a food product, there's an issue with pathogens, such as E. coli.

Original tests came back showing that the pink slime was rampant with harmful bacteria. It should have been decided not to sell right then, but Beef Products Inc. cleverly started disinfecting the slime with ammonia and convinced the FDA to allow them to list it as a "processing ingredient" so that we wouldn't know we were eating ammonia.
For more information on this disgusting subject: Jamie Oliver Video ... d-beef.htm 12 March 2012. ... still-menu Pink Slime “It’s What for Lunch in U.S. Schools." ... -eat-slime ... 42559.html ... ted=1&_r=1

Bill Gates
Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, aims to end world hunger by growing more genetically engineered food crops—a philanthropic plan that may be gullible at best, and destructive at worst, both to the environment and humanity. ... enics.html ... _GMOs.html ... n-gmo.aspx

Methyl Iodide ... rawberries ... umigation/ ... umigation/ ... 48632.html

Clothianidin ... ounder.pdf ... anidin.pdf ... pesticide/ ... llinators/ ... neybee.htm

Chlorpropham = Bud Nip
A child's experiment turns into a lesson on the toxins in our food supply ... m-ext.html ... index.html ... Id=PC35064 ... 00pr02.htm ... ropham.htm

Glyphosate: Common Product Names
RoundUp (Monsanto)
GlyMIX MT (Dow), formulated with 2,4-D
Glyphomax (Dow)
Glyphomax Plus (Dow)
Glypro (Dow)
Glypro Plus (Dow)
Rodeo (Dow)
Accord SP (Dow)
Kleenup Super Edger (Bonide Products), formulated with Oxyfluorfen
Rigo Neat' N Clean Systemic Weed and Grass Killer (Value Gardens Supply)
Expert (Syngenta)
Razor (Nufarm) ... hosate.htm ... glyphosate ... toxic.html

Millions Against Monsanto Campaigns ... rch/id/57/ ... ch/id/137/ ... rch/id/55/ ... ch/id/195/ ... ch/id/192/ ... ch/id/191/ ... rch/id/14/ ... ch/id/170/
(Over 100 Articles at this link) ... &aid=21251

Dangers of Monsanto ... anto200805 ... fied-corn/ ... rigerator/

Canola Oil ... at-con-ola ... ption.html ... a-oil.aspx

Antibacterial Soap ... ngers.html ... -soap.html ... l_soap.htm ... 7Aod2mMeKQ

Dangers of Diet Soda
diet-soda-is-not-a-safe-alternative-to-regular-soda-t17561.html ... diet-soda/ ... ks-america ... habit.aspx ... art-risks/

Splenda ... dians.aspx ... sucralose/ ... aspartame/ ... rutiny.php ... water.aspx

What is ricin?
Ricin is a poison found naturally in castor beans. If castor beans are chewed and swallowed, the released ricin can cause injury. ... use-ricin/

Chlorine ... ealth.html ... orine.html ... m-chlorine ... level.html ... 7AodVAFnEQ

Boric Acid ... -acid.html ... ates_borax ... onous.html ... 002485.htm ... _borax.htm

2-Butoxyethanol ... t/4427325/ ... o.%201.pdf ... Id=PC35051

Golf Course Chemicals ... -golf2.pdf ... /index.htl ... health.pdf

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)

Arsenic ... ations.cfm ... /index.cfm ... _Beverages ... Apple.aspx ... upply.html ... om-FDA.htm ... 0799.story ... ic-eng.php

Dryer Sheets

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and industry-generated Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) from the 1990s, the following is a list of chemicals in fabric softener products, most in untested combinations. Liquid fabric softeners additionally may contain formaldehyde.
Benzyl acetate: Linked to pancreatic cancer.
Benzyl Alcohol: Upper respiratory tract irritant.
Ethanol: On the EPA’s Hazardous Waste list and can cause central nervous system disorders.
Limonene: Suspected Gastrointestinal or Liver Toxicant, Immunotoxicant,
Kidney Toxicant, Neurotoxicant,
Respiratory Toxicant, and Skin or Sense Organ Toxicant.

A-Terpineol: Can cause respiratory problems, including fatal edema, and central nervous system damage.
Ethyl Acetate: A narcotic on the EPA’s Hazardous Waste list.
Camphor: Causes central nervous system disorders.
Chloroform: Neurotoxic, anesthetic and carcinogenic.
Linalool: A narcotic that causes central nervous system disorders.
Pentane: A chemical known to be harmful if inhaled.

To hide the chemical smell, companies load dryer sheets full of chemical fragrances, which are potentially carcinogenic.

Dryer sheets are designed to stay on clothing for a long period of time and slowly release their chemicals throughout the day, which leads to prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals.

The toxins in dryer sheets and their chemical fragrances enter the body both through inhalation or are absorbed through the skin.

Some of the symptoms experienced from prolonged exposure to the chemicals in dryer sheets include headaches, nausea, vomiting , dizziness, central nervous system disorders, blood pressure reduction, fatigue, difficulty breathing, skin irritation, difficulty concentrating and remembering, cancer, irritation to skin, mucus membranes and respiratory tract, and liver damage.

Alternatives point to successfully substituting vinegar in the rinse water of the laundry cycle. We’ve received quite a few comments from our readers finding this approach works well. There are also a number of alternative products on the market. Read our article Fabric Softener: Easy Greening.

Fabric softeners are static cling busters, mostly. One easy way to avoid using them is to use natural fibers.

Read more: ... z1XdomxiFL

Dangers of Monsanto ... anto200805 ... fied-corn/ ... rigerator/

Imprelis herbicide ... wanted=all ... relis.aspx ... relis.aspx ... evergreens ... e-compost/ ... 1zrog.aspx

Food items that can Poison your Dog
See topic in this forum

Electromagnetic Radiation ... ation.html ... and_health ... ellphones-

Pesticides and Learning Disiabilities ... mental.htm ... 43401024/1
http://www.understanding-learning-disab ... hools.html

Metaldehyde ... ehyde.html ... und-in.htm ... ng-in-cats ... page1.aspx

Nitrates ... rateFS.htm ... d-them.htm

Hexavalent Chromium ... 44520.html

Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) ... .htmlToxin ... P7LHgSa5aE ... ets/Bt.pdf

Phthalates ... alates.htm ... a-47091707 ... 6892.shtml

Phthalates in building products:
Healthy Building Network,
Contact: Bill Walsh, 202-232-4108,

Phthalates in cosmetics:Coming Clean,
Contact: Bryony Schwan, 406-543-3747,

Phthalates in medical devices:Health Care Without Harm,
Contact: Stacy Malkan, 202-234-0091, ext. 14,

Phthalates in nail polish:Environmental Working Group,
Contact: Mike Casey, 202-667-6982,

Phthalates in toys:Greenpeace
Contact: Lisa Finaldi,

For more information on phthalates, see: The Our Stolen Future website

For more on the health effects of phthalates and evidence of body burden, see:
Recent report on phthalates from Health Care Without Harm and
The 2001 Centers for Disease Control report on body burden monitoring []

For more on phthalates in cosmetics, go to:
Recent report on phthalates in cosmetics and ... chap3.html

For more on phthalates in medical devices, go to: ... Medica.pdf ... e_Medi.pdf

For more on phthalates in vinyl toys and home furnishings, go to:

Clothianidin ... llinators/ ... redspecies ... Id=PC40063

Copper Sulfate ... e-ext.html ... ulfate.pdf ... lfate.html ... Id=PC33539

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) better known as Teflon\'' ... -four.aspx ... n/id/2134/

Mercury (Thimerosal) ... rcury.html ... 01-092.asp ... /ucm096228

Soy is it healthy? ... anola.html ... ealth.aspx ... ers-of-soy

Aminopyralid Herbicide ... z1H5cDQmBi ... icide.html ... z1H5boUBX9 ... bicide.php ... ing-crops/ ... id_pdf.pdf ... kRent=true

High Nitrogen Synthetic Fertilizer ... laying-God ... lawns.html ... e-gro.html

RoundUp 2nd time around.

More research: ... riages.php ... .php?id=37 ... lls/730485

Fake Blueberry Investigation Click first link for video. ... 8483025962 ... Food-Dyes- ... od-dye-40/ ... afety.html ... -dyes.aspx

Perfluoroakyls ... blood.aspx ... ?toxid=237 ... due-Oct-30

Retenone ... tenone.pdf ... tenone.pdf ... Id=PC35133 ... _08_04.htm

Compound 1080 ... ZM7CX?open

Cypermethrin ... permethrin ... the-market ... Id=PC35735 ... sticide-co

Antibacterial Soap ... ngers.html ... -soap.html ... l_soap.htm ... 7Aod2mMeKQ

Microwave Ovens ... ngers.html ... waves.html ... ation.html ... zards.aspx ... pcorn.html

Irradiation ... iation.htm ... 135143.htm (20 articles)

BHA, BHT, and Ethoxyquin ... atives.htm ... olicy/?p=5 ... ?win=small
http://www.canine-epilepsy-guardian-ang ... of_bha.htm ... 7934/quote

Clorox / Bleach ... leach.html ... aners.html

Moth Balls/Naphthalene ... balls.html ... halene.pdf ... _02_01.htm ... -fumes.htm

DEET ... on/id/552/ ... ch/id/127/ ... Id=PC33407 ... fects.html ... ent-460607 ... s/deet.pdf

HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) ... n/id/2423/ ... up/AN01588 ... all-112003 ... p-dangers/ ... syrup.html

Fluoride ... ndards.pdf ... n/id/3131/ ... n/id/1277/ ... n/id/1824/ ... n/id/3255/

Over 100 Links on this site.

CCA Treated Lumber (Copper, Chromates and Arsenic) ... _wood.html ... eek_40.htm

Advantage and Frontline Pet Poison ... PRONIL.HTM ... Id=PC35768 ... tline.html ... 3&aid=1370 ... Id=PC35730 ... loprid.htm ... d_nptn.pdf

Pyridine Carboxylic Acids ... ryover.pdf ... ch/id/199/ ... edsoil.pdf ... ryover.pdf ... cloram.htm ... clopyr.htm ... oxypyr.htm ... yralid.htm

Grant Funding - Poison ... ch/id/197/

Imidacloprid (Merit) ... e-grub.htm ... Id=PC35730 ... loprid.htm ... d_nptn.pdf

GMO Genetically Modified Organism ... rch/id/57/ ... ch/id/137/ ... rch/id/55/ ... ch/id/195/ ... ch/id/192/ ... ch/id/191/ ... rch/id/14/ ... rch/id/170 (Over 100 Articles at this link)

Diazinon ... rch/id/30/ ... azinon.pdf ... phosphates
Diazinon Articles:

Dursban ... rch/id/30/ ... n/id/1341/ ... n/id/2600/ ... ursban.pdf ... nviron.htm

Atrazine ... n/id/1762/ ... n/id/3662/ ... Id=PC35042 ... razine.pdf ... razine.htm ... Likely.htm

Pyrethroids ... n/id/2490/
specifically-pyrethrum-t4075.html ... thrins.htm

Urea ... ch/id/187/ ... n/id/3645/ ... n/id/3646/ ... ch/id/174/ ... ch/id/186/

Acephate ... ch/id/185/ ... ephate.htm

Click on the following links for articles, research and fact sheets on Roundup. ... ch/id/184/ ... hosate.htm ... rch/id/50/ ... rch/id/60/ ... ch/id/110/ ... ch/id/172/ ... ch/id/183/

MSMA (Monosodium methanearsonate)
It's amazing that any intelligent person would put arsenic out on their property, but that is what you do when using MSMA.




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I had a good friend whose wife died when she stood in a puddle of liquid fertilizer that was sprayed on her lawn by one of those chemical co. that spray your lawn,it's a national chain.She stayed in her house while they were spraying but came outside to talk to the guys when they were done(she was barefooted and she stood in what looked to me like a little puddle of it).It took about 2 days before she started to complain about a really bad headache and then a trip to the ER for vomiting and then over the next year she was in and out of hospitals all over Texas.She passed away about 15 months after that.
I tried to tell her husband what I thought it might be ,but he was in the airforce and didn't make it home much,other neibors had tried to tell him that they thought it was the chemical co. fault,but he was to sad to listen.Several years later he came by for a visit and had talked to my parents about what had happend to his wife and he said he had tried to sue 'em but he had not gone to court yet.This was over 20 years ago.

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In the past I have recommended pyrethrum but not any longer. It is too toxic - it also has a good chance of being laced wiyh DDT which is the pesticide used in Kenya where much of the pyrethrum is grown. Sure, pyrethrum is a natural material - so is hemlock arsenic and many other toxic things. Pyrethrum is toxic to all vertebrates - birds, lizards, frogs, toads, cats, dogs, you and me. Essential oil products are toxic only to invertebrates like insects and slugs, so of course that's what we recommend. Pyrethrum and the synthetic pyrethroids also are especially bad for people with allergies and can cause allergy problems including asthma for children and adults. Bottom line -there are no pyrethrum, pyrethrin or pyrethroid products that are acceptable in an organic program.

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Thanks for educating folks! If people would just take the time to read some of the warning labels on products we PAY to bring in our homes, we could help reduce the level of toxins in our indoor environment! There are organic cleaning products on the market that are just as effective without the negative drawbacks. Keep up the good work!

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Still not listing boric acid as an unacceptable toxic?

Additional reference information on toxicity of boric acid: ... 002485.htm ... _borax.htm

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The link to the Pyrethrum PDF on the pyrethrum library page needs to be updated. I did a search found that PDF at


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Since when is BT a toxic substance? You might check your links under BT because about 4 of them go nowhere. Does that mean that Bti (MosquitoDunks) are toxic? Color me confused! :?

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Monsanto (or some such corporation) has begun adding some genetic material from Bt into seeds in order to repel caterpillars. Bt that is actually CONSUMED by people instead of sprayed onto a plant and washed off before you eat it is the problem. It's a question of residual effect, and what this form of it will do in compost, in the soil, etc.

I still use Bt from a bottle, it's the only way I had zucchini this year, and it keeps the tobacco hornworms out of the tomatoes. But be careful with it, and don't buy seeds or plants that have been genetically altered to have it added in.


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Most definitely! I only buy organic seeds! No GMO's here! Thanks for the clarification.

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