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 Post subject: Glyconutrients?
PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2006 8:39 am 

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Has anyone tried Glyconutrients? Any luck? I would like to know good or bad.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 21, 2006 5:45 am 

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Hi Brad,

If you are looking at glyconutrient supplements, be careful. Here is a website you might want to check out: ... rients.php

Instead of supplements, I like to find unprocessed foods or superfoods that will supply missing nutrients in my diet. Supplements, even the best, have extracted only some of the nutrients and the combination of ingredients supplied by nature in the real food/herb always work together best to help us.

Depending on why you are looking at the glyconutrients (general boost of immunity or a specific health issue), look for 'real' food options. There are many, many choices....

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2007 2:42 pm 

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If you are interested in some info about glyconutrients, please see one of the last posts under "Help.... Gastroparesis". It gives a little background.
Realize that this post is from the perspective of someone who's wife nearly died from Crohn's disease 3 times (no, I'm not being theatrical about that....), previous to getting on the products. Granted, she did some other things to heal the emotional side of the illness (illnesses have an emotional component 90% of the time, and that must be resolved or the dis-ease comes back....) as well, but the glyconutrients were a big part of the healing process, and she no longer has Crohn's.
I take the products as well, and have noticed a definite improvement in my wellbeing -- my health and physical abilities are equal to or better than 90% of the people in my place of work (a physical job) -- I'm almost 50, the majority of them are half my age, and no one will ever confuse me with a body builder.
In addition, I do not sell the product, nor do I know every last detail about it, but at least I can give some factual background on it.

Having looked at the berkeleywellness website article in another post, I have a couple of comments:
1) Interesting how the article never mentions the (literally) Thousands of scientific papers written up on the subject, in peer-reviewed journals, on things that are healed and/or the microscopic workings of various components of the glyconutrients. If one were to go to the website
and type in a disease in the Search box, one gets a listing of all the various papers that have been written up on that specific illness and how glyconutrients affect it. I may not be able to understand the medical jargon in some of them, but I understand the process.
2) that a product is multi-level/pyramid sales no longer bothers me -- to name any decent-sized company, is there not a "pyramid" effect where the top person makes the most money? At least Mannatech is an ethical company, instead of a Walmart.... If you look into all the charities they give to, you'll see what I mean.
3) When the article mentions that humans can convert the 2 simple sugars into the other (required) 6, it does a disservice by not telling the whole story: it is very time- and energy-consuming for the body to do this, and if the body is under stress, it's often not possible. Think this might be why there are so many immune-compromised people in the United States (the richest nation in the world)?
So basically, I'd suggest you read as much as possible on the website, and then make your decision.
Hope this helps, and good luck!

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