Shantung Maple Size
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Author:  tdhodnett [ Sun Aug 08, 2004 3:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Shantung Maple Size

My wife, Diane, and I are wondering about the Shantung Maple size. Howard's new book shows it to get 30' to 60' tall with a spread of 20' to 40'. But, all other references we have looked at say the tree gets 25' to 30' tall with an equal spread. Can any one explain this discrepancy? We are wanting to plant this tree, or a Lacy Oak. We would prefer the maple because the oak will have acorns, which can be messy. We are planning to plant for shade in our back yard and need it to stay around 25' to 30' in height and width.

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Author:  Dirt Doctor [ Tue Aug 10, 2004 7:23 pm ]
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Let me see if I can help. Dr. Carl Whitcomb has more experience with this tree than anyone in the South. He says the tree can reach 60' in height. The ones on his farm in Stillwater are about 50, maybe more by now. The small one I planted 3 years ago is now 15' tall and 12' wide. It has averaged 3' of growth a year. It is full and vigorous and shows no signs of slowing down. Maybe those who gave the smaller specifications use the wrong growing techniques.

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