Decreasing effectiveness of chemical herbicides
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Author:  Doug [ Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:30 am ]
Post subject:  Decreasing effectiveness of chemical herbicides

The chemical herbicides are continuing to be less effective. The chemical companies are telling farmers and growers to dump more and more chemicals on our food, land and water ways because their chemicals are not doing a good job. The chemical companies - Scotts-MiracleGro, Monsanto, Bayer and others are poisoning our food, our communities and our planet. Just say NO to these products and to the companies that use these products.

Here's some recent information from the University of Nebraska:

If marestail is present in your field, include a growth regulator (2,4-D or dicamba) as part of the burndown. Our observation is that glyphosate-resistant populations of marestail are becoming more widespread, and relying on glyphosate alone will select for resistant individuals and lead to increased marestail populations in future years.

If field pansy is present in your field, you should probably avoid using 2,4-D or dicamba. In research conducted in 2009-2010 in southeast Nebraska, neither herbicide controlled field pansy, and 2,4-D pus glyphosate tank-mixes were less effective than glyphosate alone.

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