Bermuda grass in flower beds
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Author:  lindak [ Wed Mar 31, 2004 5:55 am ]
Post subject:  Bermuda grass in flower beds

What is the easiest way to kill bermuda grass in existing flower beds? I don't want to disturb my plants.

Author:  Gar [ Wed Mar 31, 2004 6:41 am ]
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The only way know to kill bermuda is to pull it out. No matter how many times you cut it, it keeps coming back. It seems the more I cut my bermuda grass, the more thicker it grows and kills out more weeds.

Author:  Mr. Clean [ Thu Apr 01, 2004 12:18 am ]
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Gar wrote:
The only way know to kill bermuda is to pull it out.

Yeah, what he said :) No tilling, it will just drive the roots/runners deeper and compound your problem.

After removal, a good physical barrier which goes below and above the surface and don't spare the string trimming. Bermuda is an extremely aggressive weed er... grass.

Author:  kathiec [ Thu Apr 01, 2004 9:28 am ]
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I've had great luck with a layer of old newspaper in flower beds. Two years ago, I had two large beds that were absolutely overgrown. I pulled a lot of the grass and cut the rest back to ground level. Then I put down about five layers of old newspaper covering all the ground between plants and covered it with a good layer of cedar mulch. I repeated the process last year, and this year I have hardly any grass in either bed. The plants were not negatively impacted at all -- as a matter of fact, they seem to like not having to compete with the grass anymore! This year I plan to just lay the paper at the edges of the beds, where I might get some "creep over" from the lawn.

Author:  Robbie [ Sat Jun 26, 2004 4:42 pm ]
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One thing that has helped but gotten rid of the bermuda grass is digging a 4-5 inch trench in front of your flower beds. I did this last fall and when i see the bermuda grass coming in, i can pull it up right away with no problem. Robbie

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