Peppers in Shade
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Author:  PhilipFtw [ Sat Mar 28, 2015 2:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Peppers in Shade

I have a small above-ground garden placed in the area of my backyard that receives the most sun. Since I have lots of trees all around the perimeter of my yard - that's not much. The garden receives a little scattered morning sun through trees, a couple of hours of fairly direct overhead sun (noontime-ish) and a little late afternoon/evening sun (somewhat filtered by the neighbor's trees). Over all maybe 3-4 hours of decent sun over various parts of the garden.

I've tried peppers in the past, and have had very healthy plants due to organic methods but very little production or stunted growth of the fruit. The blooms come fast with a lot of baby peppers, but then it just doesn't go much further. Any recommendations on peppers that might have a chance?

I'm going to try bell peppers, but my true love is hot peppers. Am I just not doing things right, or are the hot peppers a lost cause in my situation?

Author:  northwesterner [ Sun Mar 29, 2015 9:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Peppers in Shade

Howard has discussed how some plants tolerate shade, and peppers are one of those. I plant poblano peppers on a side of the house where they get morning sun but afternoon and evening are in the shade. Some years are better than others in that location.

It has been my observation that over-fertilizing seems to lead to more foliage production and not as much fruit. I start with a big dollop of fish slurry in each planting hole (with a little dirt over that so the roots aren't directly in the fish) and it gives them a great spurt of branch and leaf growth. They don't start fruiting as soon, but when they do, it is remarkable. I buy cans of mackerel (look at the Dollar General stores for about $1.39 per can) and break them up. I spoon some into each planting hole (one can goes into three or four plants).

I'm in charge of the research at my house - you can modify it according to your soil, space, etc., and report back if something like this works for you.

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