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Author:  ranchcop [ Mon Jan 23, 2006 4:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Order Fertilizer Now!

Now is the time to order your fertilizer.

It finally rained!! Now that the weather is cooperating, we need to put life back in the soil!

For those lucky enough to have winter pastures, I suggest A.C.T. and Humate Tea now, then use Micro-Grow when grass is grazed down. Forth those with no grass growing apply Micro-Grow. If you have been affected by the drought I suggest you apply Micro-Grow to reestablish the micro-organisms. These applications can be done for as low as $12.00 per acre!

REMEMBER: Anytime you have a severe drought/flood/freeze it is recommended that you reestablish soil microbes!!!

Demand for Organic Hay (both square and round) is sky high!
Demand for Grass Fed Beef is Great.

So Go Organic! Save $$$$$ Make $$$$$$


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