OH, so very new
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Author:  BrandiRae [ Wed Aug 06, 2003 9:00 am ]
Post subject:  OH, so very new

I've been an apartment dweller for many years and just now have moved into a duplex with a yard. :D I'm excited about what I have learned so far on this site. I would like to get one of Howard's books. Any recommendations on which one to start with?

Author:  ZIPPER [ Wed Aug 06, 2003 4:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: OH, so very new

Howdy BrandiRae,
Congradulations on your move to something that has a yard of your own. Have fun.

Books? There are many, but need to know of your intrest; flowers, landscaping, grass etc. You could try a 'search' for "books" and see what pops up for you.

I'd like to make a suggestion. Please go back to your 'profile' and fill in a few of the blanks as it would be helpful to know where abouts you live.
Also add a signature, which will be automatically entered at the close of your post or reply.

Should you have any 'off topic' questions, you can use the PM (personal mail) icon and direct it to any member for help.

Author:  BrandiRae [ Wed Aug 06, 2003 7:55 pm ]
Post subject:  oh

Well, I've updated some of the info in the profile. (I'll work on a signature later).
I love having a yard. However, it is in poor shape. (grass burrs, crabgrass). My immediate goal is to improve the lawn. My kids and I would like to walk barefoot in the grass without fear of stickers.
Next I would like to be ready to plant a small veggie/herb garden next year. My grandparents always had a garden. I remember pulling weeds, watering and compost. It was marvelous. And then there was the fabulous array of vegetables. I have started a compost pile.
Eventually, I may work in some flower beds. But I think I need to take it one step at time.
I hope that is sufficient information about what I would like to accomplish.

Author:  Mr. Clean [ Wed Aug 06, 2003 9:39 pm ]
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IMO a very good intro book would be Plants of the Metroplex. This will give you a basic overview on general landscaping, pest and disease, a break down of organic fertilizers, maintenance activities by month, and then the bulk of the book is dedicated to trees, shrubs, groundcover/vines, and flowers. Included in the plant section are an "adequate" picture, plant name (common and Latin), a note if it is a native, as well as Habit, Culture, Uses, Problems, and Notes.

Supplement that with a free copy of the BOP (Basic Organic Program) and you will have a very good start. Add books of interest as you go down this new path.

Get down some good humates along with your Fall fertilizer application and you will quickly knock out those grass burs which, as you have probably already heard, are a product of poor soil.

Author:  pridgeon [ Thu Aug 07, 2003 7:34 am ]
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Not living in the metroplex, my favorite book is Howard's Plants for Texas. I'd be a millionaire if I had all the money I've wasted on plants that were not suited to my growing conditions, so now before I buy anything I look it up in this book. He tells you not only the good but also the bad. Also Howard's Herbs for Texas is good, as well as Southern Herb Growing by Madeline Hill.

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