50% off Electric Mowers
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Author:  Tony M* [ Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:27 am ]
Post subject:  50% off Electric Mowers

JUNE 21 – MOW DOWN AIR POLLUTION. 9AM-3PM. According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the engines in gas-powered lawn equipment pollute more than car engines. One hour of lawn mowing with a gas-powered lawn mower produces as much pollution as driving your car for four hours.

Mow Down Air Pollution* is a lawn mower exchange program where residents can trade gas powered lawn mowers for a discount on a new cordless electric lawn mower. Bring your gas mower to City Hall and receive a 50% discount on a new electric Neuton CE 5.2 Battery-Powered Mower for a total of: $198.61 plus $16.39 sales tax. All mowers MUST be in working condition and emptied of gas and oil in order to receive the discount. To participate, you must have a reservation. Please call Nicole Cooper at 214-670-6646 for more information.

Only open to Dallas residents and only 400 mowers available.

Author:  produce guy [ Mon Feb 08, 2010 5:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 50% off Electric Mowers

You know the problem with this deal is they don't tell you what they do with your old gas powerd lawnmower,here in Austin about a year ago, they had this at a Home Depot and I watched them put all the old gas powerd mowers on a trailer witch was hitched to a EasterSeals van and the van drove away with about 20 mowers on it,I followed the van to a public storage area and saw them place all the mowers inside.Later I asked an Easter Seal rep about that and he said that the city(Austin) gave them the mowers,witch is okay by me.I asked the city about this and I never could get a straight answer,but a Home Depot guy told me that they never actually destroy/scrap the mowers,they try and give them away to a nonprofit group who needs them.I was told by a metal scrapper that he could possible get about 35-50 cents for each if he scrapped them. :|
P.S. I'm sure every city does something like this but I wish they would give you a choice between electric or a reel mower.

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