Ornithologist or Meterologist?
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Author:  Birdzilla [ Fri Mar 25, 2016 7:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Ornithologist or Meterologist?

Birders can spend a lot of time watching the weather, especially during the spring and spring migration. The Texas coast is a great place to watch birds migrating across the gulf each spring. In a strong headwind the birds will be tired and looking for the first place to land. These fall-outs can provide spectacular birding. On the other hand if the birds are enjoying a strong tail wind they will sail right over the coast and head inland. On these days migrants can be almost non-existent along the coast. Intersecting weather fronts can also be used to tell where the birds are.

This is one of the sites I check in the spring, along with several others. It shows wind direction and speed on current conditions. If there are strong winds and storm fronts moving south I'll head to the coast in hopes of enjoying lots of migrants.


It has been very windy the past few days in Dallas and much of the state. Here are screen shots of two different days. Pretty cool.



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