Zipper spiders
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Author:  Ecm [ Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:33 am ]
Post subject:  Zipper spiders

I have had a female zipper spider outside my bedroom window all summer. Something finally got her about a week ago during the night. It has been fascinating to watch her and learn the habits of these beautiful creatures. I learned about her egg sacs, of which she created 3 in a very short time. I think she would have left one more had she not met her demise.

I would like to know if I can safely move the egg sacks to a more protected place and not in my bedroom window. I don't care to have thousands of baby zippers in the spring trying to/getting into my house. Can they be moved much the same as a butterfly chrysalis? We have several places that should be safe. By the way this window faces the north with all the ravages of some of our strong north winds.

Author:  northwesterner [ Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Zipper spiders

It has never been my experience to find a sudden population explosion of any of these spiders in the months after a web and egg sacs were created.
You can (I am guessing here) move them and see that the hatchlings (?) get started in a new area, but it is my suspicion that they manage to spread out
pretty quickly (and a large number are probably eaten by other insect predators). Perhaps by leaving the egg sacs in place you'll be lucky enough to have
one spin a web there next year. Argiope are interesting spiders, working in daylight so you can see them in action. My kids and I have been known to throw
Junebugs into the web to watch them in action.


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