N2Organic's "test blog"! New critters in the yard!
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Author:  N2Organics [ Sun Sep 05, 2010 7:33 pm ]
Post subject:  N2Organic's "test blog"! New critters in the yard!

Today, I spotted a couple of really cool critters in the backyard. The first was a really huge spider that had built a web in the middle of my Jasmine vine. He was HUGE! About 2 inches from leg to leg:


It looked like a SIX legged spider!
What kind of spider is this? He built his web right under the spot that some "Paper Wasps" were starting to build a nest. Does this spider feed on the wasps?

Also in the backyard, I spotted a rather large lizard that was sunning himself on the patio:


He likes to reside behind my Hydrangea, but was sunning himself on the patio this afternoon. He's about 9 inches long, from nose to tail and can run extremely fast. Any idea what this big 'ol boy might be?

I just love all of the critters that I spot!

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