To soak or not to soak
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Author:  Mike Knight [ Fri Mar 20, 2009 3:06 pm ]
Post subject:  To soak or not to soak

Well I have started an experiment here in Wichita Falls, Texas in my little greenhouse, I took some seeds that I felt like were the easiest to grow like cucumber, corn, and okra and I placed 2 of each seed in water, Garrett Juice, and Garrett Juice Plus for 24 hours, on March 13th I planted 2 of each seed in 100% coconut fiber that I soaked for 24 hours in water, labeled all pots according to seed and what it was soaked in, along with the seeds that soaked I planted 2 of each seed dry without soaking at all. I also wrote down the general sprouting days which are as follows okra 12 to 14 days, cucumber 8 to 10 days, and corn 7 to 10 days, placed all the pots in the same area under the lid. On march 17th at about 7:30 am I went to check on things as I always do, and I had 2 sprouts in the same pot so I pulled it at it was 2 cucumbers soaked in Garrett Juice, on the 19th I received 1 sprout in the pot that did not soak for 24 hours, so far as of now March 20th at 4pm I have no other news at this time. As soon has I have any more action I will jump back on and add to this blog, so for now happy gardening

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