Hi guys - here's the latest in the Snakeman's world.
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Author:  snakeman [ Sat Feb 02, 2013 4:16 am ]
Post subject:  Hi guys - here's the latest in the Snakeman's world.

Well, doing Howard's Organic Seminar in Allen was great fun, though I'm not sure folks visiting the exhibitor room who did not see my lecture really understood why I was there. My bad - could've had a graphic up like "Top Ten Reasons Not to Kill that Backyard Snake" which would've made more sense than scenes from my show.

Speaking of the show, I'm bringing it to the Arlington Improv on Feb 17 at 2.

I still get a trickle of calls from around the country in the dead of winter about snake problems. Usually one in the house and they're freaking out about the "certainty" of more lurking somewhere. Many times good information is all that is needed to both calm the client - and fix the problem.

Remember that as members of Howard's site you are welcome to post pics here of snakes you see for a free ID, or email me at daryl@snakeencounters.com and tell me Howard sent you for a faster response.

It's funny, I help people all over get past the unnecessary and often debilitating fear of snakes (btw there were fewer avowed 'snake killers' in the audience at Howard's seminar than I'm used to - a testament to the fact his listeners appreciate the value of the whole ecosystem) but it was Howard who got me past mine.

As a kid I learned to be terrified of wasps (disturbing a nest with my back crawling under a canopy and getting nailed in eight places didn't help) and hearing Howard explain that wasps are beneficial and some are amazingly so (I really love my little Tricagrammas) has absolutely changed my life.

I stopped fighting the various insect population cycles around me, made peace with all of the critters sharing my spaces, and the populations declined of their own accord. It was a bad mosquito season last year and I think I was bitten maybe three times (ripe banana peels are a great soother for bites of all kinds). Previous seasons I had a fight with fleas (two cats, and until last year my dog who was 19 when he died) and using only natural methods last summer was a cake walk. Same with the carpenter ants.

It IS possible to live in harmony with the life all around you. To see the spider or the wasp as a friend who controls populations that could otherwise get out hand, and whose poisons are not meant for me. To see the snake as the graceful consumer of still more destructive populations, and as harmless and as welcome a visitor to the back yard as a butterfly or a hummingbird.

Thanks Howard. Proud to play a part in this.

Author:  northwesterner [ Tue Feb 05, 2013 3:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hi guys - here's the latest in the Snakeman's world.

Every year when I turn over the soil in my garden as I'm preparing to plant I'm always pleased to find solitary or clusters of the Earth snakes (kind of bronze color, no pattern, sleek and small) that live in the garden.

I go out on summer mornings and find lizards and toads darting or hopping around between my crops and I know the best ground crew around is on the job.

If your garden is so sterile that it doesn't have these critters, that's a scary place!

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