Monsanto: worst company on Earth
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Author:  Doug [ Sun Dec 25, 2011 9:34 am ]
Post subject:  Monsanto: worst company on Earth

Biotech giant Monsanto has once again been selected as the worst company on Earth, earning the 2011 title from the Natural Society.

Monsanto's 2011 crimes include:
- Poisoning people with an herbicide more dangerous than DDT
- Spawning super-weeds and killer-bugs that reduce yields and destroy crops, and
- Introducing a deadly new micro-monster into the environment that plagues plants with new diseases and renders animals (including humans) infertile.

The EPA is currently conducting a "Registration Review" of glyphosate, Monsanto's herbicide "RoundUp", which its "RoundUp Ready" crops are genetically engineered to tolerate. The EPA will be gathering data through the summer of 2012 and making a final decision no earlier than 2015.

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